Whether you use a smartphone or a camera. takling amazing photographs starts with looking and understanding what makes a good composition.

I love teaching and sharing the insights and tips I've learnt from working as a freelance professional photographer.  Watching beginners have eureka moments as they begin to understand their f4s from their f22s and helping intermediate photographers really push their creative boundaries - that's rewarding.

Having worked as a photography tutor with specialist holiday providers Authentic Adventures for several years running holidays in Santorini, Nepal, Morocco, India and Sri Lanka, I went on to run my own photography holidays in some pretty amazing locations, all with the full support of a local in-country agent.  The ideal way of learning is on a holiday where you have the time to really practice and build your knowledge gradually, and meet likeminded people.  Since covid i've been focusing on London workshops and an occasional workshop in Paris.  

For full details of London workshops please get in touch.


Client Feedback on my Photography Holidays

I just wanted to say a personal thank you to you for the way in which you lead our trip. You were brilliant.  Before I joined you I admit to being fairly apprehensive, particularly as I have very little experience with the camera.  But you made me feel I had every right to be there and that, although I lack the technical skills (which I intend to rectify asap), I have an eye for a decent photo.  I love the fact that you taught me without me realising that I had learned - until the end of the holiday when I realised how far I had come.  (Caroline W)


Chloe is an excellent tutor. She is an expert photographer and teaches with great clarity and enthusiasm but a light touch, that is she gives all the instruction and advice one needs or asks for without taking it all too seriously. She had something of a challenge with this group as there was a broad range of abilities, which she handled by giving lessons to those who needed them and more focussed guidance to the more seasoned photographers. For example I asked for guidance on the use of flash and other lighting techniques and we had an excellent, detailed tutorial on the topic - helped by a glass of wine and a backdrop of the Himalayas! Chloe is also a delight to travel with - always enthusiastic, energetic, friendly and fun. Chloe is a wonderful tutor for travel photography. (Nigel)


Thanks for yet another great photography holiday.  I really enjoy them and this is in no small part due to the relaxed yet knowledgeable way in which you help us to learn whilst at the same time remembering that we are on holiday.  Since we first met six years ago your gentle encouragement and infinite patience have helped me and inspired me to want to become a better photographer. (Sandra)


You helped me more than any other tutor, and I don't know how to repay you for that.  I have always loved photography, but never had the confidence.  Your instruction and help really provided me more confidence in myself and that is priceless.  We could all tell that you put an incredible amount of time and planning into the trip and sessions.  You are an incredible teacher and any student is lucky to learn from you. (Keri)


Thank you so much Chloe we have had a wonderful series of experiences.  You are patient with my amateurish attempts at photography and it’s been a great trip. (Marguerite - Kerala)


Many many thanks for all your help on the trip.  You have taught me much and I hope now to take much better photographs. (Brian - Kerala)

Thank you for organising such a wonderful trip.  The instruction you have given us will be most useful and I hope will improve my work. (Terry - Kerala)

Thanks Chloe for your advice, help and tutoring…and for making me think for myself!  I've learnt loads and had a great time (Alan - Kerala)

Thank you so much for your excellent tuition; I feel really inspired by it and I learnt so much. (Jenny - Kerala)


I just want to write and say a huge thank you for all your hard work in running our trip and also in setting it up in the first place.  It was a memorable experience with a really great group of people. My two trips to India with you have been been unique experiences that I’ll be talking about for a long time.  I like your overall approach - relaxed, available, challenging, helpful and always with a smile.  Once again, thank you so much for an amazing and memorable trip to a fascinating country. (Andrew - Rajasthan)    

Thank you for a wonderful trip - it was a really great experience and we all have some amazing photos to bring home.  (Linda - Rajasthan)    

Thank you Chloe for leading us so well.... it was wonderful and so nice to have such a good group. (Tizzy - Rajasthan)


Puglia 2018 holiday:

Thank you for such a special holiday

Once again, a fantastic photographic holiday thanks a million

Another 5 star event, brilliant

Wonderful, thank you so much


Lovely to meet you and thank you so much